2015 Update: PremiumPress Themes Review and Newest Coupon Code!

Perhaps you are thinking of starting a new online business, and therefore, are searching for a great theme that will compliment your service.
If that is the case, you can take the first step by becoming a member of a site that sells such themes, like PremiumPress. In case you do not know, PremiumPress is a very popular theme service that offers excellent, yet affordable, WordPress business themes.
But why join the PremiumPress club when there are hundreds of other services that are similar? Why not get something else?

PremiumPress Theme review

premiumpress theme

Well, PremiumPress is your best bet because of the reasons given below:

1. The themes are truly business-oriented

PremiumPress does not just advertise its themes as business-friendly for no reason. That truly is the case. Each and every theme has a unique flair, and when you take a look at a PremiumPress theme, you can instantly feel the business vibe. There are themes for car dealers, shopping sites, job directories, real estate services and many other businesses. So no matter what your business is about, chances are you will find the perfect theme. Also, each theme has advanced SEO techniques implemented right into it, so that takes care of search engine rankings, too!

2. You get way more than you pay for

One thing that separates PremiumPress from its competitors is its dedication to truly help. And that dedication shows because the service offers many extra benefits with each and every theme purchase. For example, every theme has a member’s area built in, and there are many other different features included that usually need to be downloaded using additional plugins. So when you buy a PremiumPress theme, you do not just get the theme. You get a whole package!

3. The VIP Package is a killer

PremiumPress offers two packages. The first one is called the ‘Theme Package’, and the second package is known as the ‘VIP Club Package’. The latter is much easier on the pocket in our opinion. Because when you get the VIP Club Package, you get access to 15 amazing themes, and over 80 child themes! In addition to that, you get future access to new theme launches. All for just $299! But if you buy the ‘Theme Package’, you get only a single theme with 10 plus child themes for $79! So we recommend the VIP Package.

4. PremiumPress stands by its customers

When you choose this service, you need not worry about anything. There is a 30-day money back guarantee of course, but we are not talking about that. What we are saying is that you get 24/7 support, PSD file access, and much more. You can even have a theme installed by experts by paying only $15!

Get it today!

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PremiumPress Coupon

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